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The Finest Chevrolet Leasing Agent is Long Island Car Lease!

Long Island Car Lease is taking over the auto leasing industry with our futuristic online leasing system! Never before has it been more accessible to get the lease you’ve always dreamed of, and with our low monthly rates there’s no reason to wait! If you’re new to the auto leasing game, an experienced vet or if you’re looking to get away from a bad lease or to trade up to a better automobile, we are here to help you! When it comes to monthly rates on new cars, Long Island Car Lease has the absolute lowest in the state! We can bring you with prices that other leasing agencies cannot even come close to! And as far as selection is concerned, we’ve got the widest variety of Chevrolet autos in Long Island — including the Camaro Coupe, Colorado Crew Cab and Cruze Sedan! We have all of the other agencies beaten all across the board — convenience, selection, monthly rates, financials, and every other aspect of the car leasing process! Come check out our prime auto leasing deals by visiting the Chevrolet page of our online showroom, or give us a call directly at 516-504-3001 this instant! You’ll love doing business with us, we are the best around!

Long Island Car Lease Has Low Rates on a New Chevrolet Lease!

How on Earth is it possible that Long Island Car Lease is able to offer such astoundingly low monthly rates on Chevrolet and other automobiles? Our online auto leasing business model, of course! By using an electronic structure, we are able to cut overhead costs in ways that are pretty much impossible for more traditional agencies! Where other leasing agents have to rent or purchase a large parcel of land on which to build their showroom or car lot, we eliminated the entire idea of a physical location: no lot, no showroom, and no office building! Our entire business is handled through our website, which means that we save lots of money that isn’t being wasted on paying rent or on maintenance of the grounds. Then there’s the actual stock of cars, themselves — other leasing agents have to purchase a large fleet of vehicles to fill their car lot with a selection of cars, and upgrade them annually. This gargantuan cost is probably the largest contributor to agencies’ ridiculous overhead, and is one that Long Island Car Lease makes a point to totally avoid! Rather than deal with an inflated stock of automobiles that we own, we leverage our tight-knit relationships that we’ve built up with other dealers throughout Long Island to offer their vehicles as our own inventory! This means that we’ve got essentially every model of Chevrolet you could desire — from the Equinox SUV to the Impala Hybrid, and our selection doesn’t cost us a thing! That means you pay much less each month for your lease than you would at any other old-school dealership! Check out the rates posted on our inventory page, or give us a call today to get started on leasing a brand new automobile today! Help us help you!