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The Lowest Rates, The Best Selection Ever on Mini Auto Leasing

When you’re looking to lease a great quality, eco-friendly Mini automobile, you naturally want to be able to choose from a large number of vehicles, and of course you’ll want to lease your new auto at the lowest monthly rates possible. That’s where Long Island Car Lease has you covered with our industry transforming all electronic auto leasing system! We have by far the best selection to be found anywhere in the state, because unlike old fashioned leasing agents who have to populate a car lot with a necessarily limited number of vehicles, our “car lot” and “showroom” are on our website, meaning that we have unlimited space to expand the selection of Mini cars for lease! And that selection is especially large, because instead of having a physical leasing fleet of vehicles, we have partnered with Mini dealerships all throughout the state to bring you their stock of cars and offer them as our leasing fleet! The upshot is that you have every model of Mini, from the Mini Convertible to the Mini Clubman and everything else in between, and not just the model but the options and color that you want, in stock and ready for you at your fingertips from our website! And our low rates can’t be beaten by any other agency in the business, because no one else has the electronic leasing system that Long Island Car Lease does! But don’t just take our word for it – check out the huge variety of vehicles available on our Mini selection page, or call us directly at 516-504-3001 to inquire about the Mini auto you most want!

The Low Monthly Rates at Long Island Car Lease Can’t Be Beat

Naturally, when you’ve made up your mind to lease a Mini or any other automobile, you want to find the agency with the lowest possible monthly rates and the best financing terms. Well, in Long Island Car Lease, you’ve found just that agency! We’re proud to boast the absolute lowest possible monthly rates and most generous financing terms of any agency in the entire state! We can claim this because our online leasing system lets us reduce operating and overhead costs down to an absolute bare minimum, and those savings get passed directly on to you, the customer! For example, old fashioned brick and mortar leasing agencies have to have a car lot on which to place their leasing fleet, and this lot needs to be as large as possible in order to accommodate a decent selection of automobiles. This means not only do they have to pay high monthly rents on the land (or, if they purchase the land outright, yearly property taxes that keep increasing), but also have to hire security personnel to guard the car fleet from vandals and thieves. Long Island Car Lease, by contrast, has no such requirement, and those costs (or lack thereof) mean your monthly rates will be that much lower! And our relationships with local financial institutions and lenders allow us to offer you easier credit terms and more generous financing than you would find at most other agencies! There’s so much to like about Long Island Car Lease, why would you bother with anyone else? Check out the selection of cars we have to offer, or call us directly today!